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This Sundays (17/04/2022) Colin Cain competition is postponed, it will be rearranged at the next committee meeting.

For this not to happen again please support the club and it’s events

It has come to the attention of the committee, that some members of the club are arranging competitions & leagues, with other clubs that have not been sanctioned by HHBC committee  & by members that are not on the committee. Whilst it is great that members are trying to help any ideas must be brought to the committee so that there isn’t a crossover of things that are already in the pipeline. 
One thing that has been in discussion is a possibility of a home & away pairs games on Thursday evenings with Bolton.

P. Laundon HHBC Pres




Competition Dates 2022

03/04/22 Presidents v Captains

17/04/22 Colin Cain Pairs Competition

23/04/22 Target Bowls / Open Day

14/05/22 Bowls Open Day

22/05/22 Aussie Ballotted Pairs Competition (round 1)

28/05/22 Bowls England Big Weekend

29/05/22 “ “ “ “

04/06/22 Sam Morgan Competition

24/07/22 Aussie Pairs competion (round 2)

06/08/22 Bob Sloane Competition

13/08/22 2 wood mixed singles competion

21/08/22 4 wood singles competion

27/08/22 2 wood mixed pairs Competition

28/08/22 Balloted Mixed Pairs competion

03/09/22 Presidents Trophy Competition

04/09/22 Vice Presidents Trophy Competition

11/09/22 Aussie Pairs Competition (round 3)

17/09/22 Finals Weekend

18/09/22 “ “ “ “

24/09/22 Reserve Finals Weekend

25/09/22 “ “ “ “

After the very poorly attended AGM, your new committee is,

Treasurer A. Short, Competitions I. Sheldon, Captains, A. Short & S. Cowie, Development & Publicity J. Lockhart,

Secretary M. Oliver, Facilities R. Stirling,

Vice President A. Morton & President P. Laundon.

if it’s not the committee you wanted then come & support your club & add your name to the nomination board at the correct time.

Dear Members

It has been brought to my attention a number of incidents on and around the green where members have been heard to use foul and abusive language towards a fellow player. There has also been a number of incidents where members have been seen to be not following the correct level of etiquette required by the rules of bowls England. Anyone found in breach of the rules will be subject to a disciplinary investigation which can result in his or her membership being terminated and also a suspension from Bowls England which means that you will be ineligible to play in any county or national competitions. It’s sad I have to do this but several incidents this season have resulted in members threatening not to rejoin next year which in itself is harmful to the club. So please treat people as you would want to be treated at all times

As the season draws to a close I hope that you have all had an enjoyable season and look forward to seeing you all next season

 Best Regards

Mark Oliver

Secretary HHBC


County website address is;, Speak to a committee member for password